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To provide quality education and training and an advisory function to our affiliated Savings and Credit Co-operatives (SACCOs) to enable them to be viable entities, thus making meaningful contribution to the economy of Swaziland through empowering their members.


Quality Savings and Credit Co-operatives for all.


Below is a range of courses that ESASCCO offers under the Education & Training department.

The ever-increasing potential of power misuse, corruption, inadequate processes and lack of knowledge amongst organisations’ top executives has led to negative public image, thus destroying the reputation of the organisation.

To assist solve this problem SASCCO is offering this course to her affiliates and other interested parties to help improve their operations and adhere to the King II Report on good governance.

Competition is posing a great threat to the existence of most organisations. Thus organisations need to constantly monitor the changes in the environment and position themselves to gain a competitive edge in the market.

We assist organisations in setting goals and objectives as a road map and to have focus, and then come with innovative strategies to achieve the goals. SASCCO presents a planning process to her clients to offer growth, competitiveness and diversification strategies

This program is offered to employees who are about to retire or those to be retrenched. The aim is to equip them with business skills necessary to run viable enterprises.

SASCCO also assist the employees to come up with winning business plans to present to financial institutions for evaluating the viability of their business ideas.

We have noted with concern the over indebtedness of members of the public and those who are employed and are targeted by most of credit providers. Partly it is attributable to the changes in the economy and the inability by members of the public to manage their finances.

Members of the public have a problem differentiating between needs and wants

Do you recognise that Customer Care is the key to successful, profitable and enjoyable business, yet feel that your company or people within it, are failing to deliver what is required?

The Customer Care concept is one that is often used without being implemented properly. Good customer service will create better

To achieve this, we work with you to come up with good Customer Care strategies.

Customer relations and smoother, more efficient and more profitable operations.

To achieve this, we work with you to come up with good Customer Care strategies.