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Mambu is a German based cloud core banking system. Mambu has gained reputation after pulling marque project with digital banks in Europe, Asia and Africa. Arguably Mambu is one of the market leader in cloud core banking platform providers.

Mambu has a very great list of benefits for when you using it as your banking system, which are not only limited to the following:

Cross platform compatibility
- like any other web based application, it is far more compatible across platforms than traditional installed systems. Typically, the minimum requirement would be just a computer with a web browser.

More manageable
- web based systems need only be installed on the server placing minimal requirements on the end user workstation. Any client updates can be deployed via the web server with relative ease.

Highly deployable
- due to the manageability and cross platform support deploying wed applications to the user is far easier.

Secure live data
- in larger, more comlex systems data is stored and moved around separate systems and data sources. Web based applications also provide an added layer of security by removing the need for the user to have access to the data and back end servers.


A proven world class banking system was selected to be implemented and customized for the SACCO movement. Our Cooperative Banking Solution is an enginneered cloud based system.

We are to look at this selected system's functionalities as a cooperative bank in the SACCO movement. We won't look at all of it functionalities, but just a few key ones.

Client Relationship Management
- customizedforms, client data, history, prospects, photographs, signatures, individual, business and group tracking and associated documents

Loan Management [LM] and Savings Management [SM]
- parameter-driven product design, contract and statement generation, origanation, collateral tracking, risk levels, approvals, account servicing, collections and reporting.

User Management [UM]
- user groups, granular permissions, view and edit access rights restriction, password and login accesss rights and customizable data tracking.

Document Management [DM]
- secure storage of all documents associated with clients, accounts, including one-tick generations of contracts, statements and receipts.

SMS & Email Communication [COM]
- pre-integrations with SMS and Email communications with clients and businesses triggered on events.

Credit Committe Access
- allows members of the credit committee to remotely work on loans.

Online Member Access
- enables members of the SACCO to access statements online.

Task Management [TM]
- creating, assigning, monitoring tasks for users associated with clients and accounts in the system.