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Risk Management Programme was incorporated into ESASCCO after the withdrawal of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) in 1999. CUNA had all along provided these services to ESASCCO. The Risk Management program established under the authority of Article 11 Section 2.1.3 of the ESASCCO by –laws. This program is arranged such that societies and their members grow and develop with the provision of liquidity in times where a member has died with an outstanding loan.

The range of insurance products we sell are underwritten by All Registered Insurance Companies in Eswatini. We sell insurance policies to the entire Swazi populace, not only our members. However, there are certain insurance policies that are tailor made for the sole benefit of our Savings and Credit Societies, especially those who issue out loans. This policy covers the loans outstanding balances at the death of the loaned member.

This program like its slogan goes, "the debt dies with the debtor" tries to cushion members from having to pay back loans even when the person who took them long died. As it is known co-operatives work together to try and cushion any death of a member. This in a way provides insurance for Savings and Credit Co- operatives (SACCO), in case a member die.


  1. To stabilize the movement whilst giving out loans in the event a member die.

  2. To encourage member’s savings with assurance that in the event of death, relatives will not be harassed for repayment of loans

  3. To protect another member finance within their SACCO’s


  1. Every registered SACCO affiliated with ESASCCO is eligible to participate on behalf of its members.

  2. An application is forwarded to ESASCCO


  1. SASCCO pays out benefit within a reasonable time of claims submission.

  2. Member loans outstanding with the SACCO up to E 500.000 will be paid to the society in the event of his/her death or total and permanent disability

  3. In the process, there is an inherent benefit to the SACCO to sustain its viability.


ESASCCO offer a wide range of insurance schemes not only limited to the following:

Life policies
Under this, we sell life endowment, children educational and investment policies and lastly pension schemes.

Funeral/ Burial Schemes
We sell individual and group funeral schemes at very affordable monthly premiums, sum assured ranges from E5 000 to E50 000.

Private/Personal Property Insurance
We do provide insurance cover for personal assets like private dwelling homes, household goods, furniture, electronic gadgets etc.

Motor vehicle Comprehensive Cover
This provides cover against accidents, fire, theft and a third party liability arising out of loss or damage to the other person’s properties and or injuries of third parties or death thereof. All types of vehicles are insurable, including the popular Imports (Dubai's)

Business Property Insurance
It provides insurance cover for business assets and loss profit or use following damage caused by fire, lighting, explosion, earthquake, storm, wind etc.

Employee Insurance
A compulsory insurance for all employers of labour, covering accidents, disabilities and death arising from occupational accidents.

Family Support Insurance Plan

This is a plan that will be of support to all SACCO members’ family should the SACCO member dies. The plan provides financial assistance in the unfortunate event of the loss of a SACCO member.

  1. How does the plan work? The plan will pay the sum Assured on the death of any SACCO member covered under the policy.

  2. Who can be covered? SACCO members only

  3. What are the Premiums options? Compulsory option for all SACCO members: Premium = As below (no waiting period)

Co-operator: Take part in the family funeral cover. Contribute to your destiny. Participate without fail, it is guaranteed.

Participants Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D
Member Only Cover 1500.00 3000.00 6000.00 10000.00
Total Premium 1.10 2.50 5.00 8.40